Marilyn Colvin nominated the MPQ, the 4 trees

No decision on Kihei “Exceptional Trees” nomination by Council

Three years after the Maui County Arborist’s Committee unanimously accepted KCA member Dr. Marilyn Colvin’s nomination of the “MPQ,” the first four (southernmost) Monkey Pod trees fronting the Maui Schooner Condos makai SKR for exceptional status designation, Council Member Don Guzman (Kahului)scheduled a hearing at his EAR committee on the matter this week (3/18/14) The […]

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LUC Vice Chair Guzman

LUC Committee makes no decision (yet!) on A & B 600 in No. Kihei

UPDATE 3/19/14    Once again the Maui Council Land Use Committee (LUC) conducted a hearing on this proposed No Kïhei Development and again your Association presented both written and oral testimony to state our numerous objections to it, and once again the committee reached no decision. It is not expected to be discussed again until this […]

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Star Player is Missing again

If just one of the team is out of the game, it is not always obvious,. But when the celebrity, the flashy star of the team is out of action, this draws attention Thus we quickly notice the only double-decker bus in the Maui Bus fleet is off the street again. The unique vehicle began […]

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KCA lost a good friend

We expect most everyone has now learned many of the sad details of the charter plane crash on Lanai that took the lives of three Maui residents, as well as three survivors with very serious injuries. Our condolences to all the ohana, and best wishes for recovery to the three guys now at Queens. As our […]

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NO PARKING ON Kenolio Road– to be repaved in Kihei- Now

UPDATE 3/8/14  Indications are the project will be completed before the end of March UPDATE 2/28/14   While  at first glace it seems little was accomplished during this first week,it now appears big push begins on March 3, with the street parking ban. NO PARKING Notice The annouccement sign was finally placed on Thursday (2/27/14) Indications […]

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Commercial Construction Continues Mauka of Highway in N. Kihei.

UPDATE   FEB 26,2014   Now over one year later we see this land parcel is for sale. UPDATE   Jan 18,2013   Here’s what the site looks like this morning (Friday 1/18/13) While much of our community is waiting to hear (on Jan 24,2013) the State Land Use Commission’s (LUC) decision of what may legally be constructed […]

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Anna Foust MCCDA Officer


Whew, that is saying a lot, but for two hours yesterday (2/25/14) afternoon, we were participating as stakeholders in this Maui County Planning Department ‘s first meeting of the Project Advisory Group representing KCA, but also all the island wide community associations. Others in the group included representatives from several county Departments including Planning, Public […]

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Little Fire Ants Come to Kihei

OK, we do not know if they are in South Maui, but they are on the island, & their locations are not certain, so they could be. As the Kihei Community Association (KCA) welcomes Maui Invasive Species Committee (MISC) at our 3/18/14 meeting, they will discuss three species that fit that threaten our area of […]

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Mahalo David and Sonny

That is, Maui County Department of Public Works (DPW) Director David Goode and Sonny Vick of Sonny Vick’s Paving and Construction for the installation of three speed tables along Ohukai Road between Kenolio and Kaiola yesterday (2/18/14) morning. For at least a decade residents of the north Kihei neighborhood makai of the highway have beseeched the […]

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Report on MPD at KCA Meeting

The tragic events on our island of the two female residents who have gone “missing” precipitated a major focus change in last night’s  (2/18/14) general membership meeting. When the meeting was scheduled last October, the plan was an update from the Maui Police Department (MPD) focused on our area, South Maui, to examine crime, traffic, […]

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