Architect, George Rixey

Can Industrial Hemp be Grown in South Maui? Opinions vary.

At last evening’s (4/15/14) general membership meeting focused on industrial hemp, listening to Hawaii Farmers Union United’s President Vincent Mina address this issues and more and while the membership heard from KCA past president George Rixey discuss the benefits of Hempcrete in architectural designs and construction, it seemed that there was unanimous consent that it would […]

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Kulanihakoi Gulch Fires Threatens North Kihei Homes This Afternoon

The gulch mauka of the Pi’ilani Highway in area of North-South Collector Road Corridor, between Ka’ono’ulu and Kulanihakoi, flared up about 1:00 PM this afternoon (4/16/14), bringing MFD from Kihei and Wailea stations, as well as water dropping helicopter. The chopper made numerous drops, ceasing just before 3:00 PM. We believe the fire flared up […]

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Strong turn out for Council’s Budget Committee meeting in Kihei

When Chairman Mike White gaveled the meeting to order at the Community Center shortly after announced 6:00 PM start last evening (4/14/14), several KCA guys joined almost 100 others to participate in the Budget and Finance Committee of the County Council’s annual visit to South Maui to listen to the comments on the FY2015 County […]

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DPW Director David Goode meets with KCA Planning Committee

This morning (4/10/14), as always, Director David Goode pleasantly agreed to address the concerns of our Planning Committee at the KCA office. Presented with that very familiar list of KCA priorities going back decades, including the proposed N-S Collector Rd, making Kihei a walkable-bike able community and overall sufficient infrastructure to match all the established, […]

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County Administration’s position of MECO’s proposed Kihei Transmission line.

Your Association and much of the community has attended several meeting over the past few years presented by Maui Electric (MECO) concerning a proposed projected cross Kihei transmission line from the Maalaea Power plant to a transformer station across from Kamaili School in South Kihei. The last meeting was 9/3/13 see for info on […]

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So NOW H C & S has a public meeting scheduled (to conflict with KCA meeting.)

As many of you know, for years we have tried to have a public community meeting concerning the cane smoke, fugitive dust, coal burning and other air quality issues, but both H C & S and the responsible regulating agency, State Department of Health, Clean Air Branch (DOH-CAB) declined our invitations. Since this prohibited a […]

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HDOT Project Manager Rachel Roper

HDOT comes to Maui for meeting on Fed Aid for Highways

Last evening (3/3/14) your Association participated in the public process for the HDOT, among the limited non governmental guys at the Cameron Center in Wailuku. Many County government guys were there including DPW Director David Goode and his engineer Nolly; DOT Director JoAnne Johnson Winer and Planner Mike Summers. HDOT Maui Director Freddie Cadjigal attended […]

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Members show intense concern about Climate Change at KCA meeting

UPDATE  4/7/14  If you attended this presentation last August, you may be interested that Lauren has an on line petition not on Climate Change, but related protecting Hawaii’s Coral Reef System at Last evening (8/20/13) Lauren Campbell held the interest of  attendees at this general membership community meeting with her power point presentation […]

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Block of hempcrete

Growing Cannabis in South Maui?

No, not marijuana, hemp; and there is a big difference. The difference is in its use. Hemp and Marijuana both come from the same plant – Cannabis Sativa L. The term ‘Hemp’ commonly refers to the industrial/commercial use of the cannabis stalk and seed for textiles, foods, papers, body care products, detergents, plastics and building […]

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Last evening (3/27/14), Dr. Charles Littnan, NOAA’s monk seal chief researcher, offered an interesting and informative presentation concerning the endangered Hawaii Monk Seal at the Maui Ocean Center (MOC) in Maalaea. If you have attended any of their “sea talk” presentations, you recall you need to be very good to retain the audience’s attention, as […]

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Invasive Species Come to KCA Community Meeting

  UPDATE 3/27/14  After hearing this informative presentation on the status of the LFA, it is encouraging  that the Maui News front page brings up the topic, but discouaging to read the content, explaining the attitude here . Meanwhile the only bill in the State Ledge on topic, SB2920, if it survives the last House( […]

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Ernie Rezents, arborist and professor, talks trees

March Meeting of Alliance of Maui Community Associations

  Welcoming Professor Emeritus in Agriculture and ISA Certified Arborist Ernie Rezents, and Maui Outdoor Circle VP Barbara Fernandez as guests, this month’s Alliance meeting’s major topic was (no surprise) Trees. Exploring how to get more trees and better preservation and care of them was a major focus. Other topics of concern on Monday evening […]

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Six lane Mokulele Hwy and four lane So Kihei Rd in your vision of our area?

At the Cameron Center in Wailuku, between the Hospital and the Police station, the State Department of Transportation has scheduled a meeting seeking public input on Wednesday, April 2 at 5:30 PM. For details of the statewide plan see , but it is divided by island. There are numerous proposals included for South Maui […]

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